Vancouver YVR → Beijing BJS

My trip started off with a bit of a surprise (though for some reason, I feel like this news doesn’t surprise some people). Both my luggage turned out to be overweight and I had to take an extra carryon. I’ve always wondered how some people can travel in style. Maybe I’ll figure that out someday.

The aircraft wasn’t really big, however, since the seat next to me wasn’t taken, I got two seats to myself. Leg room problem solved. As always, I got a lot of sleep during the flight. I thank my dad for that – seems like he’s been training me to sleep during flights since I was young (whether that was for convenience’s sake or training for the future – I have no way to tell)

Like most recently refurnished airports, Beijing airport is big and probably easy to get lost in. Thankfully, I figured everything out by following other passengers. Initially, I was worried about dishonest taxi drivers. According to the welcome package I received from SEM, the trip to Tsinghua was estimated to cost $100 RMB, my ride was $102 – yay!

Moving my luggage to my dorm took two hauls but I managed it. The place that I will be calling home isn’t very big, if I get my hands on a measuring tape, I’ll post the dimensions. Once I personalize the place a bit, I will give you guys a video tour of it.